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We are proud to announce the latest version of SCIA Engineer.
Version 15 comes with several breakthrough features, and dozens of improvements in all areas of the software.

Here is a short list of some new functionalities.

What is new in SCIA Engineer 15.2

Besides the new product logo, release 15.2 of SCIA Engineer is bringing many new features with emphasis on dynamic analysis,  virtual joists, design according to US codes - composites, prestressed concrete, timber, aluminium and finally concrete & composite design.
Other improvements and extensions can be found in numerous parts and functions of the program:

  • Equivalent lateral forces: simplified and easily verifiable static equivalent method for seismis analysis
  • Composite beam design to EN1994: LTB, fire resistance, stud design, effective width calculation
  • Composite beam design to AISC 360-10: faster Autodesign
  • SCIA Concrete Section (SCS) EN 1992: now supports multiple combinations
  • Engineering Report: import of PDF, in-cell coloring of tables, etc.
  • Usability improvements in Table Input and Table Result
  • Analysis of prestressed structures according to IBC code, incl losses calculation
  • EN 1993 steel connections: article EN 1993-1-8 Article (1-2) for flanges and web in compression
  • Virtual joists: smart mapping and checking of joists to AISC
  • Open Checks extensions
  • And more !

Read more about our new and improved features in the SCIA Resource Centre


What is new in SCIA Engineer 15.0 and 15.1

Fully redesigned EN1992 concrete design for beams & columns

Design of reinforcement in Scia Engineer 15To bring our concrete design modules to a new standard, it is completely rewritten from the ground up with the latest development techniques. Designing reinforced concrete beams and columns with SCIA Engineer is now:

  • Faster: supports fully multiple cores
  • Transparent: thanks to our Open Design technology, formulae, dynamic images, interaction diagrams
  • Powerful: all section shapes (standard as well as arbitrary), all loading conditions are supported
  • Complete: additional checks like design of shear reinforcement for columns, shear & torsion, check of deflection to short & long-term
  • Easier to use: re-organized service (tree menu), new settings dialogue, etc.


New analysis model (FE-based) for steel-concrete composite floors

Composite Design in Scia Engineer 15The new Composite Floor Analysis Model combines user-controlled load distribution, easy definition and accurate FEM calculations based on exact orthotropic properties of corrugated steel decks and concrete toppings:

  • Calculation of stages: construction, short-term, long-term
  • Updated shear studs library and steel decks library
  • Automatic effective width of the composite beams
  • Works for any geometry of the floor or the building


Composite beam design to EN1994 and AISC 360-10

Composite Design in Scia Engineer 15After analyzing the model, the composite beams are designed according to AISC 360-10 or EN1994, with a clear calculation report based on our Open Design technology.

  • Ultimate Limit States and Serviceability Limit States
  • Shear strength (including shear buckling)
  • Calculation of the shear connectors
  • Optimization of the steel profile
  • Brief or detailed reports with formulae and pictures


Plastic analysis of steel plates & shells

Plasticity Wall Sigma Scia Engineer 15One of the priorities resulting from the user survey, conducted at the end of last year, is released today: it’s now possible to run a plastic analysis for steel plates and steel shells.

This can be useful for connections, steel details, pressure vessels, etc.:

  • Von Mises yield condition
  • Elastic-plastic law, without or with strain hardening


Open Design technology for surfaces and nodes

Results Window in Scia Engineer 15Create your own checks & calculations for all the objects of your model: beams, columns, surfaces and nodes:

  • Checks for surfaces, on each individual FE element
  • Checks for joints / connections / nodes
  • Simple script editor, with WYSIWYG rendering of formulae
  • Direct opening of the script editor from within SCIA Engineer
  • 4 sample checks are delivered for easy understanding


Other general improvements include:

  • General UI: keyboard shortcuts, table input & results enhancements
  • Engineering Report: master report, batch generation, better handling of templates
  • 3D stresses & displacements on both faces of surfaces, on the deformed shape
  • Steel design: lots of improved checks & output
  • Steel connection design: top haunches
  • Updated codes: Eurocode National Annexes, Brazilian code, Swiss code
  • Code support for Malaysia & Singapore
  • Updated interfaces to Autodesk Revit
  • And much more!

3D Stress in Scia Engineer 15  Connections in Scia Engineer 15   Table Input in Scia Engineer 15


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We are passionate about the 3D possibilities offered for the analysis of reinforced concrete structures. They make constructions possible that we simply wouldn't able to design in 2D only.

Markus Tautorat, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) – Ingenieurbüro Ohr