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SCIA Engineer 17 and 17.1 bring a large number of new features and improvements dedicated to Boosting your Productivity

Powered by cutting-edge technologies, the new version of SCIA Engineer gives you higher speed, increased overall efficiency and transparency to power your day-to-day work as well as challenging and special projects.

The newly developed enhancements spread over five areas:

  • Concrete design: comprehensive and robust solution for the design of concrete columns, beams, slabs and walls featuring an efficient, logical and time-saving workflow.
  • Steel design: economical design, clear and verifiable reports, and increased speed in the design of steel structures.
  • BIM: effective collaboration with partners, real-time task management.
  • Loads and load generators: easily verifiable and more versatile automated load definition.
  • Overall usability: increased efficiency in the day-to-day work, excellent understanding of structure behaviour with new extended display options, and wider international application thanks to added Eurocode's national annexes.

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Design of reinforcement in slabs, walls and shells (EN 1992-1-1)

  • Fast and reliable design of reinforcement for 2D members for ULS.
  • Clear, transparent and customisable results in 3D window and in Engineering Report.
  • Easy verification of the results in every point of a 2D member.
  • A brand-new method for the calculation of cracks for SLS in two different directions per surface.
  • Extended display options for result-legend. New in 17.1
  • High speed thanks to support for multiprocessing.

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Punching shear design

  • Design and check of punching shear reinforcement for slabs and foundations according to the safety concept of the Eurocode EN 1992-1-1.
  • Optimised workflow with automatic recognition of the shape, orientation and position of supports.
  • Automatic recognition of support shape and location. New in 17.1
  • Automatic detection of openings. New in 17.1
  • Various possibilities for the calculation of β factor.

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Code dependent deflections

  • Fast and reliable calculation of code dependent deflections in beams and slabs at the same time.
  • Automatic calculation of the creep coefficient and automatic creation of a required load combination.
  • Easy verification of the deflection in different stages.
  • Full understanding of the structure response via the graphical (diagrams, isolines, ...) and numerical (tabular) presentation.

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New National annexes

  • Implemented National annexes for Norway and Sweden.
  • National annexes for Romania and Spain. New in 17.1
  • Updated Czech and Austrian National Annexes. New in 17.1
  • Updated material libraries for British BS EN-NA, Austrian ONORM - EN NA, Irish IS-EN NA and German DIN -EN NA.

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Section classification

  • Intelligent fast section classification and derivation of effective section properties.
  • More economic design for semi-compact steel sections of class 3, based on the SEMI-COMP+ research reports.
  • Material savings of 10-20% for slender sections.

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User experience

  • Increased speed thanks to support for multiprocessing.
  • Clear, comprehensive reports with references to applied code clauses.
  • Customisable level of detail in report.
  • Graphical representation of intermediate calculation steps in 3D window (classification, warnings, ...).
  • Better notification on errors and warnings.

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Updated US codes

  • Implementation of new steel codes AISC 360-16 and AISI S100-16, including adapted formulas, coefficients references, notation and terminology.

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National annexes

  • Added National annexes for Cyprus, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Spain, and Sweden.
  • Updated Czech National annexes to EN 1993-1-1/ 2016 and EN 1993-1-(2-3-5-8/ 2012).

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Rigid diaphragm

  • Rigid in-plane diaphragms combined with tributary-area distribution for gravity loads offer a good approximation of the actual behaviour of composite slabs leading to clear and verifiable results obtained for a reduced computation time.

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Westok cellular beams

  • Bi-directional link with the software CellBeam from the British manufacturer Westok.

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Extended functionality for US codes

  • Improved functionality and workflow for composite design according to US codes including automatic creation of staged load combinations, enhanced design code related settings and simpler more efficient modeling process.

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Updated Revit link

SCIA Engineer 17 link with Revit 2018 offers extended capabilities such as:

  • Compatibility with Revit 2018.1. New in 17.1
  • Smart algorithm for material and cross-section mapping.
  • Support of high-stress concrete.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Export / import of composite beams and decks. New in 17.1
  • Export / import of virtual joists. New in 17.1

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One-click export from Allplan

  • Smooth and more effective collaboration with Allplan.
  • Direct launch of SCIA Engineer from within the Allplan menu.
  • Automatic import of the model to SCIA Engineer.

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Next generation task management - bim+

  • Real-time collaboration on even complex models.
  • Easy tracking of all modifications in the model.
  • Support of BIM collaboration format BCF.

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Load panels tributary areas

  • Distribution of loads from load panels to supporting beams using the well-known Tributary areas method.
  • Distribution of surface loads across panels with openings. New in 17.1
  • Interactive graphical display of tributary areas on a screen.
  • Full understanding and easy verification of the load distribution process.

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3D wind-load

  • Extended capabilities of 3D wind load generator with support of parapets and protruding roofs.
  • Calculation following the regulations of the Eurocodes (including Austrian, French, Belgian, German, Dutch, Slovak and UK National annexe) IBC code.

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Live Load Reduction

ASCE compliant live load reduction

  • Reduction of regular, heavy and roof live loads in full accordance with ASCE 07-10. New in 17.1
  • Automatic recognition of tributary and influence areas. New in 17.1
  • Robust and customisable handling of columns that support multiple floors. New in 17.1
  • Versatile output possibilities, graphical visualization and error / warning / note reporting. New in 17.1

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User-selected usability enhancements

  • Better readability of labels and result values in the 3D window.
  • Ability to run the analysis only for selected load case(s) and/or combination(s).
  • Ability to export the Table Input and Table Results to MS Excel with a single click.

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Engineering Report

  • Fast and reliable manipulation with large pictures inside the Engineering Report.
  • Easy way to insert tables from Microsoft Excel.
  • Extended graphical results with legend directly next to the drawing.

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Units setup

Units of measurement

  • Easy change of unit sets in the project. New in 17.1
  • New default settings for empirical and metric units. New in 17.1

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