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SCIA Engineer 21

Redefined, Reimagined, Revolutionised

SCIA ENGINEER 21 is a giant leap in structural engineering software design.

Forget about cluttered and overwhelming interface, fixed workflows, limited customisation and insufficient working space. SCIA Engineer 21 brings a revolutionary new interface with leading-edge ergonomics and unequalled efficiency gains that is easily customised to suit the way you work. It makes your work faster and easier.


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We maximise your productivity which will save you at least 1 hour, every day.

SCIA Engineer 21
Unequalled Efficiency  

The new interface works in perfect harmony with you as a structural engineer: You need less mouse clicks on almost every task. With SCIA Spotlight you instantly find the tools and functions you need. All this means more time to spend on actual engineering, or other things you enjoy!

SCIA Engineer 21
Leading-Edge Ergonomics

A total workspace transformation providing you with nearly 100% screen use, with the project taking the centre stage.  No more cluttered menus. Just smart workstations and clean  toolbars with all the key functions you use day in day out at your fingertips.

SCIA Engineer 21
On Demand Customisation 

Take the maximum productivity advantage through on demand, as you work, customisation of your SCIA Engineer workspace:  Bring the tools you use most to the front, hide the one’s you don’t. It is your workspace now!


maximised working space

Maximised working space

  • model area now takes nearly 100% of the screen space
  • no need any more for frequent zooming in and out
  • easier focus on engineering tasks reduces the chance of making mistakes
  • less view adjustments save valuable time and improve ergonomics
SCIA Spotlight

SCIA Spotlight

  • direct access to any SCIA Engineer function – simply start typing
  • SCIA Spotlight also suggests all related functions and commands
  • keyboard shortcuts can be assigned directly in the search-results list
  • SCIA Spotlight eliminates time consuming browsing of menus when searching for a rarely used function, saving up to 80% of your time
Smart workstations and process toolbar

Smart workstations and process toolbar

  • easy control of which workstations (structure, results, concrete, steel, etc.) are accessible keeps the workspace clean and tidy
  • process toolbar allows you to access 2 workstations simultaneously (e.g. structure & loads or results & concrete) saving about 30% of valuable time when iterations in workflow  are necessary
  • time spent on modifications of the model is reduced by 50%
Real time customisation

Real time customisation

  • customisation is now part of a standard workflow, not a separate task
  • whenever you want to move an icon to another toolbar – just do it
  • keyboard shortcuts can be assigned when browsing the menu or reading the search results in SCIA Spotlight – one click and new shortcut is assigned
  • popular and frequently used commands can be grouped on a “Favourites” toolbar
  • it is your workspace now, and it can be also easily shared with your team
Advanced selection tool

Advanced selection tool

  • selecting an entity provides also direct access to all associated entities – select a beam and you can edit also its nodes, loads, hinges, layers, and other parameters
  • expand or isolate the current selection to create even complex selections in just a few clicks
  • new approach saves up to 50% of previously required clicks
  • making complex selections is now 2-times faster
Easy to learn

Easy to learn

  • the onboarding tutorial guides you through the new environment
  • SCIA Spotlight finds for you immediately the command you search for
  • SCIA Spotlight also offers related functionality helping you to learn as you go
  • common functions are at your finger tip, while the special and rarely used ones do not hinder your view
Marking menu

Marking menu (new in 21.1)

  • menu with the most frequent actions always at hand (at the cursor position)
  • fast access to commonly used functions
  • better ergonomics due to reduced mouse moves
  • dramatic increase in productivity
Model modifiers for modal and seismic calculation

Model modifiers for modal and seismic calculation

  • model modifiers can now be used for seismic load cases and modal calculation
  • easy verification of the impact of stiffness reduction on eigen frequencies
New method to determine sectional properties using FEM

New method to determine sectional properties using FEM

  • correct calculation of shear, torsion and warping stresses for any cross-section shape, including composed sections and sections with large openings
Cable / rope structures

Cable / rope structures (new in 21.1)

  • clear input of cable structures
  • automatic calculation of the realistic deformed shape taking into account the self-weight and prestressing (if applied)
  • easier and more visual definition of geometry
Connection forces

Connection forces (new in 21.1)

  • table of internal forces in all members connected to a selected node
  • immediate preview of forces a connection needs to transfer
  • fast and easy verification of the design before starting detailed design of connections.
Bow imperfection defaults

Bow imperfection defaults

  • default settings for bow imperfections are now inside the material setup
  • imperfections on all your steel, timber, composite and aluminium members can be thus input in just a few clicks
Full length LTB restraints

Full length LTB restraints

  • it is now possible to define lateral torsional buckling restraints over the full length of a member
  • if a member is fully restrained, the LTB-check is skipped
Cat E adaptation for France

Cat E adaptation for France

  • support of the latest new rules for Category E loading
  • it is now possible to select category E1 or E2(a,b,c) loading when using the NA for France
Utilisation factor

Utilisation factor η

  • implementation of the valorisation project SEMI-COMP+ n° RFS2-CT-2010-00023 is now extended by the utilisation factor η
  • It allows for the use of less conservative section classes for the EC3 stability checks, which can lead to considerable material savings
  • stability check uses the class of the section with the highest utilisation factor (instead of the highest class along the member)
Code dependent deflections

Code dependent deflections

  • check of long-term deflections now takes shrinkage in the account
  • optional manual input of load combinations for creep and immediate deflection
  • ability to switch between a standard (brief) and a detailed output
EASY concrete

EASY concrete

  • unified, single concrete Setup with all the options and parameters in one clear and customisable dialogue
  • transparent input of the initial diameter for reinforcement design
  • quick editing of provided reinforcement accessible directly from the Property panel
  • 50% faster calculation of reinforcement design in 2D members
  • improved graphical representation of required reinforcement with the peak values automatically eliminated from the palette
Design of reinforcement in multiple layers

Design of reinforcement in multiple layers (new in 21.1)

  • automatic distribution of reinforcement bars in multiple layers for heavily loaded beams
  • effective, time saving design of highly stressed narrow beams resulting in increased productivity
Reinforcement design in integration members

Reinforcement design in integration members (new in 21.1)

  • extended functionality for integration members
  • design and code-checks of reinforcement
  • useful for window/door lintels or shear walls
Design of composite columns

Design of composite columns (new in 21.1)

  • design of composite columns of any cross-section (described in the code)
  • economical design with accurate results
  • comprehensive report providing trust in the solution and allowing for manual verification
  • solution verified against published benchmarks
Updated IDEA StatiCa link

Updated IDEA StatiCa link (new in 21.1)

  • easier selection of transferred parameters like load combinations, etc.
  • SCIA Engineer and IDEA StatiCa running simultaneously and communicating via Checkbot application
  • optional in-depth analysis of whole critical members using IDEA StatiCa Member application
SAF 2.0

SAF 2.0.0 (new in 21.1)

What our customers say...

What our customers say

The creation and visualization of input data is very easy, and the interpretation of results is quite intuitive and interactive. We can directly see the productivity gains.

Jorge Silka, Director

Procalc Estruturas