FlexNET (= SCIA License Server)

This page is relevant for server, try-out and student licenses.
If you have any questions, then please access the installation guides at the end of this page.

How to install the SCIA License Server (also known as FlexNET)?

  1. Download the latest version (we recommend the Full Setup).
  2. Unpack and run Setup.exe on the machine where you want to load in the lid file.
      Full Download Link Web Setup Version
    Latest Setup FlexNET 3.1.3 (64 bit)
    FlexNET 3.1.3 (32 bit)
    Web Setup (64 bit)
    Web Setup (32 bit)
    Previous version FlexNET 3.1.2 (64 bit)
    FlexNET 3.1.2 (32 bit)
    Web Setup (64 bit)
    Web Setup (32 bit)
      FlexNET 3.0.5 (64 bit) Web Setup (64 bit) 3.0.5
      FlexNET 2.3.5 (32 bit) Web Setup (32 bit) 2.3.5
      FlexNET 2.3.4 (32 bit) Web Setup (32 bit) 2.3.4
    User Guide FlexNET User Guide   11.10

How to load a server, student or try-out license?

  1. Open the activation manager, read in the license ID (a .lid file), select it and hit either activate or reload.
    • A green dot should appear before your license file.
    • The activation will not work when using remote desktop!
    • If the activation still fails, re-install the latest HASP driver.
  2. Open the Protection Setup on the PC where you want to use SCIA Engineer.
  3. Set the license type to Floating (or Student or Try-out).
    For the Floating type; the path is for example: [email protected] or [email protected]

For an installation guide, help and troubleshooting, you can download one of the documents below.

Installation guide (server)                  
Compact license guide              


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