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SCIA Engineer FREE for StudentsThis exercise is designed to walk a student or new user of the BIM process through a small example project highlighting the benefits and pitfalls of model based collaboration using open file formats.

The project is a 4 story reinforced concrete building with a non-structural curtain wall cladding system. The students play the part of a structural engineering consultant who has just received an LOD200 BIM model from the project architect in the schematic design stage.

We begin the exercise by verifying the model in a third party IFC viewing application. Once verification is complete, we import the model into our structural analysis application where we leverage the efforts of the architect into a simplified finite element model, apply loading conditions and run a simple linear analysis. We will then make a few small changes to the model, export back out as IFC and once again verify in an IFC viewer prior to sending it back to the architect or downstream to detailers or fabrication consultants. We conclude the exercise by extracting a calculation report and some simple drawings from our model.

This tutorial is designed to take between 4 and 6 hours to complete. A folder with all the necessary files has been provided with this document. In this folder is a subfolder titled “Step By Step Files”. Each of these files has all the previous steps completed. If you get stuck and are short on time, skip ahead to the next section using one of these files.

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