Kirchdorfer Group


This dynamic company includes, inter alia, the Maba and Katzenberger precast parts factories.
The defined corporate objective is to ensure the production of precision concrete components at the highest level.

The precast companies of Kirchdorfer Group carry out production in an environmentally friendly manner, on automated systems with fault-free robotics control and a fast production process. Production takes place on a just-in-time basis, as well as on a customised basis.

The entire language of form of contemporary architecture is embodied - in uncompromising quality, with cost-efficient engineering design. Any imaginable geometry and any ever so complex high-tech component are available without any problem and in the shortest time, on logistics pallets configured appropriately for building sites.

"We attach particular importance to a very well-organised planning process. We have recog-nised that we not only have low planning costs with this, but also that we can provide safety in the logistics, production and construction process.
In a very close collaboration with Nemetschek and the relevant software adaptations, we have jointly succeeded in achieving our goal of "industrialised planning”. Approximately 70 users are currently working with Allplan Precast, from architectural planning right up to pre-cast parts planning.

T. Forejtek / Manager CAD Planning