Oberndorfer is a market-leading company in Austria with eight locations in Austria and operating joint-ventures in Slovenia and Croatia with company Pomgrad.
Oberndorfer has long not been only a “producer”, but also a provider for total solutions. This implies a series of requirements, such as a broad product range, constant innovations in the factories, in the organisation and in its offers.

At Oberndorfer, planning takes place using Allplan Precast. At just under 100 workplaces, planning is carried out at various locations. The organisation of the planning, with projects, company standards, resources, etc., takes place centrally.

With Allplan Precast, the conventional overview and production plans are prepared, as well as all data for the work preparation and machinery. The organisational challenge of administering the wealth of data and planning the resources, is mastered by Oberndorfer with its own system.

Already in the mid-1990s, we chose Nemetschek software. At nearly 100 workstations, work is being carried out with Allplan Precast, which supply the factories with plans, but particularly with data for logistics and production. Oberndorfer not only regards itself as a “producer”, but also a vendor for total solutions. High flexibility and outstanding quality characterise our company as a competent, efficient partner of the construction industry. Nemetschek also fulfils this expectation. A complete software for our diverse requirements. Software with high quality for safe production and flexibility for controlling the various robots. Nemetschek’s services are not only limited to the delivery of software. We regard Nemetschek as a partner who also develops and introduces us to software for new products."

W. Pröll / Manager (CEO) Precast Parts Factories