Isenburg Karree Mainz, Germany

Data final da construção: 

Designing and building in the existing fabric is a constantly growing sector and now makes up more than 50 percent of construction volume in Germany.

One interesting example from practice is the restoration of a prison from the Wilhelminian period in the center of Mainz, the Isenburg Karree Mainz. As part of a multi-disciplinary team of experts, engineering firm Professor Pfeifer und Partner was commissioned to convert the listed building into a representative administrative building. A number of hurdles had to be surmounted, for example the very restricted space, damaged components, or actual structures that deviated from the building plans.

Thanks to the engineers’ in-depth knowledge of historical construction methods and the use of the Allplan Engineering software from Nemetschek Allplan, the conversion was a success, and the attractive Wilhelminian facade will soon shine in a whole new light.