Oosterweel’ bridge - Antwerp, Belgium

Data final da construção: 

This project regards the renovation of the Oosterweelbrug of Antwerp, the bridge was first used in 1928. It concerns a work scaffold at and around the bridge for allowing works at the steel structure of the bridge. These works consists of mechanical works, jet stream works and paintwork.

The surface of the road, where the scaffold wasn’t covered, was stripped in a first phase.

The jet stream works and the paintwork were executed in a second phase in the course of which the scaffold was fully covered.

The scaffold is horizontally supported against the steel structure in four directions (X, -X, Y, -Y), principally every 4,00 m in height by which the horizontal load, mainly coming from the wind, is directly transferred to the bridge.

The erection of the scaffold started in November 2006 and will last for approximately 4 months.