Reference Projects

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Ropeway Lattice Tower

The Penken 3S lift marks another ‘world first’ from Doppelmayr/Garaventa: as the first of its kind to incorporate a curved alignment.

Wooden Ball

The “Wooden Ball” viewing platform – with its total height of 40.0 m – is located in Steinberg am See.

Experience Centre

Constructing a brand-new multifunctional technology visitors centre for one of the world’s leading companies in weaving technology does not come without a challenge.

System of Reduction SOx

The construction is located in Melnik, Czech Republic. The primary purpose of the system is to improve the environmental conditions by reducing SOx emissions.

Green Power Plant Värtaverket

Värtaverket is a green power plant inside the city of Stockholm located close to the harbour.

Bowstring Bridge Stendess

The bridge in Tessenderlo had to be rebuild because of the widening of the Albert Canal and the increase of the clearance for shipping traffic.

Pedestrian Bridge over the Railway Yard

The pedestrian bridge of the total length of 400 m is formed by a continuous structure made of prestressed concrete.

Bascule Bridge SCIA Engineer

The movable bridge is of the Scherzer type, it spans 50 m and has a width of 16 m, making it one of the largest of its kind.

Dyson Village

The Dyson Village is a student accommodation complex providing individual studio apartments.

VK Engineering - Möbius Towers

The Möbius towers distinguish themselves from their angular neighbour in the Brussels North District by their completely elliptical shape.