3D Wind generator and Windows 8 compatibility

The 3D wind generator plugin (till version does not run in Windows 8.

This plugin is the version that is delivered with the setup of SCIA Engineer 2012.0.1049.

Current solution is:

  • When using a SCIA Engineer version higher than v2012.0.1049
    • there is no problem, you are using a 3D wind generator plugin which is compatible with Windows 8
  • When using a SCIA Engineer version less or equal than v2012.0.1049

Installation of the 3D wind generator plugin:

  • download the 3D wind generator plugin
  • extract 'setup.exe' from this zip-file
  • right-click on 'setup.exe' and choose Properties
  • select the 'Compatibility'-tab
    • activate the option 'Run this program in compatibility mode for:'
    • select 'Windows 7'

      Setup.exe properties - Compatibility mode for Windows 7
  • save this setting by clicking the [OK]-button
  • now run 'setup.exe' to install the plugin