How to do a batch installation of SCIA Engineer 2011?

When SCIA Engineer needs to be installed on multiple computers in a company, then it might be interesting to do a batch installation of SCIA Engineer.
The setup of SCIA Engineer has been made using InstallShield, and this tool provides functionality to:
  1. Record all input during an installation.
  2. Playback this input while installing on other computers.
Combining these functionalities makes it possible to setup a mechanism to install SCIA Engineer in a batch-process.
First some basic concepts about the setup of SCIA Engineer will be explained:
  • The language of the online help in SCIA Engineer is the same language as the language that was chosen during installation.  So, it is important to choose the correct installation language during installation.
  • When using “Typical setup”-type during installation then the setup will make standard choices.  These choices may depend from computer to computer.  This can be avoided by using the “Custom setup”-type.
The batch installation of SCIA Engineer must be done in different steps:
  1. copying of files to shared folder
  2. recording input during first installation
  3. playback of input while installing to other computers

Perform these steps on a clean computer.  If a previous version of SCIA Engineer was installed on this computer, then first deinstall it before you continue.

Step1 :  copying of files to shared folder.
First create a folder on the network that will hold the installation files.
It can be any folder in the network, but in this manual we will use T:\setup\esa20xx.
(xx: represents the exact version of SCIA Engineer)
Copy the DISK1-folder of the SCIA Engineer setup to this folder.
Step2 :  recording input during first installation.
Open a command window
Choose Start > Run…, and open cmd.exe
Change the active folder to T:\setup\esa20xx\disk1  (xx: represents the exact version of SCIA Engineer)
Type these commands in the command window, each time followed by an ENTER.
CD \setup\esa20xx\disk1  (xx: represents the exact version of SCIA Engineer)
Start the recording session
Type this command in the command window, followed by an ENTER
Setup /L1033 /r
The option ‘/L1033’ is the language code for ‘english’ – this means that the setup language and the online help language of SCIA Engineer will be in english.
If you want to choose another language, then replace /L1033 by /L1029 for czech, /L1043 for dutch, /L1033 for english, /L1036 for french, /L=1031 for german, /L1048 for romanian, or /L=1051 for slovak
The setup of SCIA Engineer will appear in the selected language.
Follow the instructions on the screen and do the installation of SCIA Engineer.
To keep full control over the installation we advise to choose “Custom installation”-type.
During the installation your input is saved in the windows folder in the file setup.iss.
After the installation is finished, then copy the file ‘setup.iss’ from the windows folder into T:\setup\esa2008.
Step3 :  playback the recorded input to another computer.
Create the installation batch file
Open Notepad and create a new file
Write these commands into this file:
start "uninstall ESA" /MIN /WAIT msiexec /passive /x {COMMANDO DEPENDING ON VERSION}
start "install ESA" /MIN /WAIT "t:\setup\esa20xx\Disk1\Setup.exe" /L1033 /S /f1"t:\setup\esa20xx\setup.iss". 
(xx: represents the exact version of SCIA Engineer)
The first command is depending on the exact version of Scia Engineer:
Software Command
SCIA Engineer 2011 msiexec /passive /x {A987CA63-95E7-47E5-AA08-38C0D84BB03C}
SCIA Engineer 2010.1 msiexec /passive /x {AA2CAF77-2FF7-4112-8A0A-BB83A8AC7355}
SCIA Engineer 2010.0 msiexec /passive /x {824F20CB-8531-4392-B612-24D61C591A0C}
SCIA Engineer 2009 msiexec /passive /x {6DBAF277-66A6-4DA9-8E01-AA549CED1DDB}
SCIA Engineer 2008.1 msiexec /passive /x {463CEEF0-8C90-40F6-98BB-46A1291B2BC6}
SCIA Engineer 2008.0 msiexec /passive /x {27498953-A7BB-4F1E-8EFA-F50DBB067FC2}
The first command will deinstall SCIA Engineer on the computer, and
the second command will install SCIA Engineer using the recorded input.
Save this file into the folder T:\setup\esa20xx and rename it afterwards to UnIn_ESA.bat
On each computer where SCIA Engineer should be installed
Run UnIn_ESA.bat from the folder T:\setup\esa20xx