How to install an RSS feed of updates of SCIA Engineer?

What is an RSS-fe​ed?

Wouldn't it be interesting to get a notification, without visiting a website, when a new patch/version of SCIA Engineer is published on the SCIA website ?

This is possible when you use RSS.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is actually a piece of information on the internet that contains a title, a summary and a link to the news-item. A “news reader” (see further) collects at regular intervals all new news-items and sends it to the subscriber who can read this feed whenever he likes.

The RSS-feed that contains the most recent SCIA Engineer updates, is:


How to setup an RSS-feed?

The news-items of an RSS-feed are collected by a "news reader".

There are several (free) "news readers" available:

* as separate "news reader" programs, such as:

  • Feedreader
  • Greatnews
  • Newzie
  • Sharpreader

* as a functionality in internet browsers, such as:

  • Internet Explorer 7 en 8
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Mail


Feedreader is a free "news reader", and can be downloaded at:


Add a new RSS-feed:

  1. Open Feedreader and select File > New > Feed

  1. Copy the url of the feed to the field below "Add feed", and click the [OK]-button.
    The url is:

  1. The titles of the available news-items will appear in the list below the url.

Read an RSS-feed:

  1. You can configure Feedreader so that it automatically notifies the user when a new news-item is published.
    Therefore you must setup Feedreader that it starts automatically when your computer starts.
  1. Open Feedreader and go to the Options menu with Tools > Options:

  1. Select the same options as in the example below, and click afterwards the [OK]-button:

  1. The Feedreader will appear on the bottom right of your screen in the tray-menu.

When there is no new news-item, then the icon is grey.
When there is a new news-item, then the icon becomes orange.  When you click the icon, then Feedreader will open and you can read the news-items.


Internet Explorer 7 en 8

Add a new RSS-feed:

  1. Click the RSS-logo, or copy following link to Internet Explorer:
    Now you surf to the page with all news-items about the Scia Engineer versions.

  1. Click in the yellow rectangle on 'Subcribe to this feed'
    Give a name, and click the [Subscribe] button.

Read an RSS-feed:
Click the star in the menu to see all subscribed feeds.
Select the "SCIA Engineer - Latest Service Packs"-feed to see the latest news about this topic.