Language module isn't available?

When starting up SCIA Engineer the following message appears:

If this message appears, it means that SCIA Engineer does not find the correct language to start up.

To use a certain language, you need the module for this language and you have to install this language. Probably you have chosen a different language during your installation then the language of your modules.

You can install an extra language in the setup for "Programs and Features" in Windows. Select SCIA Engineer 2013 here and choose for "Change". With this option you can change the installation of the program and select an extra language which will be installed.

If you start SCIA Engineer and this message appears again, it means that the correct .e2c-file can't be found. 

Every dongle has a number and this number matches the number of the .lic  and eventual of the .e2c-file. E.g. for dongle 551234, the .lic-file is: SCIA551234.lic and the e2c file is SCIA551234.e2c.

These files can be found on the installation DVD in:
Whereby X is the name of the DVD drive.

If you can't find this file on the DVD, you can contact the support service. They will send you the correct files ([email protected]).

If you have found the .e2c-file, you have to copy this file in the following folder:
C:\Program Files\SCIA\Engineer20xxLicence
(Whereby xx is the exact version of Scia Engineer).

If you start SCIA Engineer again, this message will no longer appear.