Problem with the installation of the flexid driver. The dongle isn't recognized by LMtools

Alladin Hasp versus Flexid

Some of our customers have reported problems using the FlexID dongles:

  • The driver could not be installed (messages that the driver is already installed but it isn't)
  • The dongle is not recognized/detected in LMtools

In all of these cases it seemed that the customers were also running other network dongles on their server:
Aladdin HASP dongles

We have done several tests and eventually we found out that our FlexID USB key also runs on the HASPdriver. So, probably there is a conflict between older HASP drivers and the FlexID 9 driver since the new HASP driver is compatible with FlexID.

Therefore we worked out the following solution for customers who have HASP and want to use our FlexID:

On this website there are two drivers:

  • HASP Device Driver GUI
  • HASP Device Driver Command Line version

Our dongles work with both.

The GUI version is put in Add/Remove Programs, the Command Line version is not.  Customers most of the time have the Command Line version, so it is not easy to find a way to de-install it.

Since the GUI does not overwrite the Command Line version it is recommended to download the Command Line version:

  • Install the command line version using the parameter –i
  • Click on "Start -> Run" and type in the window that appears: cmd
  • Browse to the folder which contains the hasp-driver
    example: C:\FlexLM\HASP4_driver_cmdline
  • Execute the installation using the parameter -i

  • Attach the FlexID USB key

The key is now recognized as a HASP key AND it is recognized within LMTools!
In this way, the customer needs only one driver for both systems: HASP and FlexID