What is the SCIA Engineer Product Improvement Program

The SCIA Engineer  Product Improvement Program, will visualize valuable but completely anonymous information about how our customers use and interact with the product. The program is fully voluntary.


What kind of information is collected?

Information that is useful to improve existing functionality, to increase efficiency in the way of work or to add new functionality:

  • Basic system information, such as computer type, operating system, screen resolution, CPU, processor and RAM memory installed.
  • Country code and product information, such as version number, average runtime sessions.
  • Feature usage trends, such as menu options or tree items.

What will Scia do with the information that is collected?

The information collected will be used to better understand how customers use SCIA Engineer  and how to improve our product in the future. It will be used to support, develop new features, and improve SCIA Engineer. This information is not shared with third parties.

Is this program safe? And how is my privacy protected?

We only collect useful data for improving SCIA Engineer. The program only registers actions described on this page, and only if you grant your permission to do so. Since no personal identifiable information is collected or transmitted as part of this Product Improvement Program, the anonymous data will not be meaningful to anyone other than the SCIA product team.

Will I receive commercial spam if I participate in the program?

You will not receive any additional commercial e-mail from SCIA caused by using this Product Improvement Program, regardless of whether you participate. We do not collect personal identifiable information as part of this program that will be used to identify or contact you.

What about the update notifications?

By participating to the Product Improvement Program, we can send you (important) update on-screen notifications within the product environment for your specific product installation and configuration. It will not be used for commercial purpose nor invites.

Additionally, you may receive an on-screen request within the product to participate in a brief anonymous survey asking for product feedback. Participation is optional, and separate from your participation the Product Improvement Program. Survey data will be returned directly to SCIA for analysis by the responsible product team.

How does the Product Improvement Program application work?

This is an automated program that requires minimal effort to participate. Customers simply choose to participate, granting permission to collect data, associated with an anonymous user ID from your computer to the server.

How do I (not) participate in the Product Improvement Program?

During installation, you will be presented with a dialog box asking if you would like to participate in the program. If you do not recall responding to this dialog box, follow these instructions:

  1. Within the product, go to 'Setup> Options' and select the tab 'Other'. In the 'System' chapter,
  2. select 'Enable the Product Improvement Program via anonymous usage data. (requires administrator rights)', and then click OK. Deselect if you do not wish to participate.

What if I gave permission during setup and changed my mind later?

Within the product, go to 'Setup> Options' and select the 'Other' tab. In the 'System' chapter,

simply deselect 'Enable the Product Improvement Program via anonymous usage data. (requires administrator rights)', and then click OK. After you deselect this option, data collection and transmission will stop.

Do I need an Internet connection to participate?

An Internet connection is required to participate in this program. However, you do not need to be connected all the time. When an Internet connection becomes available, the information is automatically transmitted with minimal impact to your connection.

Can I see the data that is collected before it is sent to Scia?

The collected information can be displayed via 3 files in the temp-folder. The files 'tblog.log', 'tbinfo.xml' and 'tbconfig.xml' can be viewed by using a simple ascii-text viewer, e.g. Notepad.

How long does the Product Improvement Program work?

Information is collected as long as you use the product version for which you have agreed to participate or until you decide to stop participating in the program