Does SCIA Engineer freeze when executing or loading a command?

It is possible that SCIA freezes while trying to execute a command, however it does not crash. This might indicate an issue concerning the graphical user interface (GUI) in which that particular window opens on a screen which is not connected to the user's computer. In order to resolve this problem, several options are possible.

Option 1:     

The user can execute the key combination “windows + shift + arrows in order to display the invisible window. It might be possible that these key combinations need to be repeated several times in order to complete this procedure.

Option 2:

When the first option does not resolve the issue, it might be necessary to reset the graphical user interface. This can be executed by using the following procedure:  

  1. Go to “Setup” in the toolbar and open the item “Options”;

  2. Navigate to the tab “Environment” and activate the option “Reset GUI”;

  3. Restart SCIA.