KEYPROG: Reprogrammation of the dongle (with psw-file with date after 17/04/2008)

Attention: this version of KEYPROG can only be used with PSW-files that were generated after 17/04/2008.
This applies to SCIA Engineer 2008 and 2009.

The SCIA dongle contains several modules. A reprogrammation is also needed when using a new version of SCIA Engineer (2008, 2008.1 and 2009). For this we need 2 files: the program "Keyprog.exe" and a license file. The name of the license file is always a number. It has the same number that is on the label of the dongle. The extension of the license file is always .PSW.

When buying new modules, then the PSW file will be send directly by E-Mail by SCIA.
When installing a new version SCIA Engineer 200x, then the PSW file can be found in the folder Tools\Protect on the installation DVD.

Keyprog.exe can be found in the attachments below.

Please follow this procedure to reprogram your dongle:

1. First detach all dongles, except the SCIA dongle
2. Download the file "Keyprog.exe" to your computer
3. Start the program "Keyprog.exe"
4. Click on [File ... ]

5. Search the right PSW file on the CD in the folder Tools\Protect

6. Choose the file XXXX.PSW
7. Click on [Open]

8. Click on [OK] in the dialogue: "Programming and reading a dongle"