Network floating installation - FlexNET (or FLexLM for older versions)

Installation of the floating protection for Scia Engineer 2010

From version 2010.0 , the floating protection (network protection)  uses FlexNET.
Versions before 2010.0 (2009.0, 2008.1, 2007.0,..) the floating protection uses FlexLM.

In the following three situations are being explained to make use of the different versions:

1) Only FlexNET installation (Only for versions SCIA Engineer 2010.0 and newer)

Installation is described in the installation manual of 2010.0

  • Install the SciaFlexNET setup
  • Run the Activation Utility, and activate the FlexNET license
  • Reboot the license server.

When installing the FlexNET server with this procedure, older version of SCIA Engineer (as 2009.0 and Esa Prima Win) will not work anymore.


2) FlexNET + Flexlm (versions before 2010.0 as well as from 2010.0)

To use version 2010.0 (or newer) and older versions, following steps have to made (these are also described in the installation manuals of SCIA Engineer 2010.0 and higher).

1. Install the FlexNET setup

2. Run the Activation Utility, and activate the FlexNET license

3. Open LMTools (C:\Program Files\Scia\FlexNET)

4. Copy the old .dat-file to “C:\Program Files\Scia\FlexNET”. Default this .dat-file was located in C:\FlexLM. This file is needed for versions 2009.0 and older of Scia Engineer.

5. Open this .dat-file

6. In this .dat-file the location of “scia.exe” is set in the second line (by default C:\FlexLM\scia.exe):

Remove this address of the old “scia.exe”-file:

7. Reconfigure the FlexNet SCIA Service and change the path to the licence file into the path to the .dat file:

8. Make sure the options “Start Server at Power Up” and “Use services” are enabled

9. Go to the tab Start/Stop/Reread

10. Click on Reread License file

11. Click on Start Server (At the bottom the message “Server Start Successful” should appear)

12. In some case the reboot of the license server is necessary but you can always try this new configuration before rebooting.


3) Only Flexlm (only for versions SCIA Engineer 2009.0 and older)

This is installation is described in the installation manual of 2009.0 (and older).
For most users this installation already exists.

LMTOOLS from the SCIA Engineer 2009 DVD is used.

1. Create a new folder C:\FlexLM on the c: drive

2. Copy the files lmgrd.exe, Scia.exe and lmtools.exe from the folder X:\Tools\Flexlm to C:\FlexLM where X represents the dvd drive.

3. Copy the file XXXX.dat (where XXXX represents the license number) supplied by SCIA to the folder C:\FlexLM

4. Using Windows Explorer, go to the folder C:\Flexlm

6. Execute the file LMTools.exe

7. On the tab Service/License File choose the option Configuration using Services

8. Go to the tab Config Services and in the field Service Name type a name for the new License Manager, for example FlexLM SCIA

9. Press [Browse] on line Path to the lmgrd.exe file and change the path to the file C:\FlexLM\lmgrd.exe

10. Press [Browse] on line Path to the license file and change the path to the file C:\FlexLM\XXXX.dat (where XXXX is the license number)

11. Press [Browse] on line Path to the Debug log file and change the path to the file C:\FlexLM\debug.log


This file does not yet exist so the name needs to be typed in. Should any problems occur with the License Manager, error messages will be written to the debug.log so the cause of the problems can be found.

In below a schematical overview of all options chosen above:

12. Select both options Use Services and Start Server at Power Up at the bottom of the dialog box.

13. Save this configuration by pressing [Save Service]

14. Go to the tab Start/Stop/Reread

15. Select the newly created License Manager (FlexLM SCIA)

16. Press [Start Server]

The License Server has now been started and it provides for communication with the licenses.