Valid license has not been found (Student/Try-out/Server licenses).

If the following message appears while starting SCIA Engineer, it means that your license isn’t recognized by SCIA Engineer.

There are two possible causes for this problem:

  1. License isn’t activated yet: you will need to activate the license before using SCIA Engineer. This can be done in SCIA Activation Manager (start -> all programs -> SCIA License Server -> SCIA Activation Manager). Simply select your license file (.lid-file) via the button ‘Read License ID’ and activate it via the button ‘Activate License'

    Remark: If you do not have SCIA Activation Manager installed on your computer, download it via this web link

    After activating the license you should restart Flexnet License Adminstrator as follows:
    - Go to services by typing ‘services.msc’ in the search bar of start

    - Restart the lmadmin service.

  2. TCP-port for distributing the license modules is already in use by another program:
    In order to solve this you will only need to change the TCP-port to an unused one. So that the SCIA Engineer modules can be received via that yet unused port. This can be done as follows:

    - Go to Flexnet License Administrator (start -> all programs -> SCIA License Server -> Flexnet License Administrator) and click on Administration. The default log-in credentials is admin as username and password.

    Now you can change the TCP-port in the server configuration to for example 7182.

    - Restart Flexnet License Adminstrator by restarting the lmadmin service as explained under step 1.

    - Configure the TCP-port to 7182 in the protection setup (start -> all programs -> SCIA Engineer xx.x -> Protection Setup) as follows:

    Remark: @localhost is only applicable for try-out and student license. If a server license is used you should use the IP-address instead of localhost (e.g. @ip-address license server).

You should see your modules appear in the list of available commercial modules . SCIA Engineer can now be started with these modules.